Roman PRO-880 Ultra Clear Strippable Wallpaper Paste 32 oz

Roman PRO-880 Ultra Clear Strippable Wallpaper Paste 32 oz

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One Paste To Hang Them All

Roman PRO-880 Ultra Clear is a premium, strippable wallcovering adhesive. It's ideal for hanging most lightweight, medium-weight, and heavyweight wallpaper, and can be diluted for use with pre-pasted wallpaper. PRO-880 applies easily with a roller, pasting machine, or brush.

Recommended Use

  • For hanging most types of wallpaper, including vinyl, non-woven, grasscloth, and more.

Key Features

  • Strippable when used with fabric-backed vinyl over bare drywall (once fully dried)
  • Exceptional adhesion
  • Long working time – allows for easy adjustments
  • Applies easily with a paint roller, brush, or pasting machine
  • Cleans up easily with water
  • Covers up to 70 square feet per quart
  • Color: Clear
  • VOC (Actual): 0%
  • VOC (Regulatory): Zero ( As calculated per EPA Method 24 )
  • USDA Certified BioBased Product (99%)

* This product is a final sale and non-refundable

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation: Surface must be free from grease and other residues, dry, smooth and structurally sound. Check surfaces for paint bonding, loose wallcoverings, damaged wall-board or plaster. Repair all unsound surfaces. Priming of bare drywall is not required with fabric-backed wallcoverings. Before proceeding with any unusual conditions, consult your adhesive or wallcovering supplier.

Dilution: May be diluted with up to one pint (16-ounces) of clean water per gallon. DO NOT OVER DILUTE.

Application Method: Use only when the room temperature is above 50°F. Apply an even coat of adhesive with a paint roller, brush, or pasting machine. Follow the wallpaper manufacturer’s instructions to paste the paper or paste the wall. Book wallpaper according to the instructions.

Avoid contact with the surface of embossed, textured or delicate wallcoverings.

Clean-Up: Before the adhesive dries, remove any excess with clean water. Additional effort may be required if the adhesive is allowed to contact the surface of embossed or textured vinyls.

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