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Roman PRO-543 Lightweight Wallpaper & Border Paste 32 oz

Roman PRO-543 Lightweight Wallpaper & Border Paste 32 oz

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Perfect for lightweight to medium weight wallpaper

Roman PRO-543 Universal Wallpaper Paste makes hanging borders and wallcovering easy. PRO-543 provides excellent adhesion for lightweight to medium weight wallcoverings over sealed, painted surfaces and is ideal for installing wallpaper borders.

Recommended Uses

  • For hanging borders, lightweight and medium weight wallpaper

Key Features

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Extended open-time and slip
  • Color: White
  • VOC (Actual): 2.55%
  • VOC (Regulatory): 26 g/L
  • Do not freeze. Keep in a cool, dry place.

* This product is a final sale and non-refundable

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation: Surface must be free from grease and other residues, dry, smooth and structurally sound. Check surfaces for paint bonding, loose wallcoverings, damaged wall-board or plaster. Repair all unsound surfaces. Before proceeding with any unusual conditions, consult your adhesive or wallcovering supplier.

Dilution: Do not dilute.

Application Method: Use only when the room temperature is above 50°F. Apply an even coat of adhesive with a roller or brush. Avoid contact with the surface of embossed, textured or delicate wallcoverings. Book wallpaper according to the wallcovering manufacturers instructions.

Clean-Up: Before the adhesive dries, remove any excess with clean water. Additional effort may be required if the adhesive is allowed to contact the surface of embossed or textured vinyls.

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