Sweet Dreams: Calming Baby Nursery Ideas for Bedtime

Sweet Dreams: Calming Baby Nursery Ideas for Bedtime

It's no secret that when your baby sleeps well, you sleep well.

You need to create a soothing environment in your baby's nursery that is conducive to good sleep. 

This article will give you baby nursery ideas to get your babe sleeping soundly. 

1. Wall to Wall Carpeting

When you have a new baby, you're not going to want to wake it up by stomping around the room.

You're going to want flooring that is as silent as possible. Carpet minimizes sound by absorbing the impact of your feet.

Choose a comfortable carpet that the baby can easily crawl around on. Avoid anything scratchy that might cause rug burn.

It's also best to avoid white or light-colored carpets because babies are messy and you don't want obvious stains. 

2. Proper Lighting

You're going to want a dimmer switch in your baby's room so you have control over how much light they see. 

During the day, you're going to want plenty of light so you can see the changing table and so that your baby can see what they're playing with.

At night, you want to dim the lights so your baby starts getting sleepy. 

Close the curtains and dim the lights an hour before you want your baby to be asleep. Doing this every night will help get them in circadian rhythm and improve REM sleep.

Get a night light for your baby's room that gives off a very soft glow. This won't be enough light to keep your baby up all night, but it will be enough light to make sure you're not tripping on any toys as you walk around the room. 

3. Soothing Wallpaper

You don't want wallpaper that will make your baby get excited.

Avoid vibrant colors like bright red and orange, and stick to soothing colors like blue and white.

Keep the walls neutral. You can pick a wallpaper that has animals on it or patterns, just nothing that looks too wild. 

4. Limit Electronics

Some people like to put a tv in their baby's room for them to watch while rocking the baby.

This isn't a good idea if you're hoping to set a regular sleeping pattern. Watching tv right before bed can mess up the REM cycle of both you and the baby.

Try to not stare at your cellphone or iPad while in the baby's room either. Screen time can be a distraction and will keep your baby awake.

While you're in their room, focus on your child and bonding together rather an electronics. 

Now You Have Some Baby Nursery Ideas

We hope these baby nursery ideas have inspired you to revamp your child's bedroom. 

Getting your baby into a regular sleeping pattern is very important for their health, and your mental health.

Remember to decorate your baby's room for comfort and tranquility by keeping light low and using soothing colors.

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