The 6 Best Designs for Nursery Wallpaper

The 6 Best Designs for Nursery Wallpaper

Over 3 million babies are born every year in the United States. Are you expecting your first child? If so, you’re probably preparing everything for your little boy or girl. This includes setting up their nursery.

A nursery is more than just your child’s room. Your nursery will be the center of their care. Designing the nursery is fun. You get to be creative and experiment with different design elements, such as wallpaper.

Are you unsure which wallpaper to use in your nursery? Here are the 6 best designs for nursery wallpaper.

1. Geometric

Babies are constantly observing their surroundings and are amazed by the little things.

They like different visuals, colors, tones, and textures. Geometric wallpaper may seem like an odd choice in a baby’s nursery, but the different shapes and colors will have your baby wide-eyed and fascinated.

You have many geometric wallpaper options. You can choose intricate shapes or simple geometric designs.

2. Botanical and Floral

These are popular choices for a girl’s room! If you’re avoiding a theme or are unsure of a theme, floral wallpaper is diverse and compliments all nurseries. The floral designs will look fresh and will give the nursery a pop of color.

You have many floral wallpaper choices. You can choose a girlier print, such as roses and magnolias. Or you can choose a more neutral design, such as treetops.

3. Animals

Animal wallpaper patterns are one of the most classic options. Your infant will love looking at the cute animals. Animals are also fun and precious — just like your baby!

If you’re choosing a specific animal theme, such as bears or birds, you can find a wallpaper that compliments that specific animal.

4. Space and Stars

We’re all amazed by the sky and space. Teach your child the importance of reaching for the stars with a space-themed wallpaper.

You can choose a night sky with stars and planets. Or you can choose a more patterned approach with stars and moons on a minimalist background.

Who knows, maybe you can even find Star Wars wallpaper for kids!

5. Textures

As stated previously, babies love textures. Textured wallpaper is also simple, matches with all nursery designs and certain patterns have a subtle rustic look. For best results, find textured wallpaper in a neutral color.

6. Nautical

Whether you want to go all out with sea animal prints or just a simple wave-inspired pattern, nautical wallpaper is also popular in nursery design. Nautical wallpaper offers interesting patterns.

The color blue is also calming, perfect to relax you and baby.

Even if you’re not designing your nursery with a nautical theme, nautical wallpaper is soft enough to compliment any nursery theme.

Choose Nursery Wallpaper Today

Your nursery design is more important than you think. You’ll want to look for wallpaper that will compliment your nursery design.

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