How to Tie a Room Together With the Perfect Wall Decor

How to Tie a Room Together With the Perfect Wall Decor

how to tie the room together with wall decor

You've started out with a vision for how you want your home to look. You've found furniture, paint colors, and area rugs that fit your vision. Still, something's not quite right.

It's situations like this that tend to prompt homeowners to take too big of a leap. "Maybe it will look right if I knock out that wall," you say, or, "If I replace all my flooring, it's sure to make the difference."

In reality, there's probably a far simpler solution: wall decor. The right wall decor can be the perfect way to tie a room together, balance your accents, and complete a look. Plus, it's far less expensive and dusty than a major renovation.

If you need some inspiration for your decor shopping, try these ideas!

Wall Decor Ideas to Tie Your Room Together

Instead of heading into your shopping trip blind, it's a good idea to narrow down your approach. Will any of these ideas pull your room together?

1. Create an Accent Wall

Accent walls aren't a new design choice, but they've been evolving over the past few years. When they first came around, the trend was to paint one wall with a different solid color than the rest of the room.

While that's still a great option, more and more homeowners are taking the trend a step farther with wallpaper instead of paint. This lets you bring more of a pattern into your accent wall and to give it a more individualized look.

As great as a wallpapered accent wall can look, it's all about picking the right wallpaper. Look for colors that complement what you already have, but they don't have to be all the same colors.

It's also important that the style matches your vision. For instance, if your room has a rustic feel, a retro wallpaper that looks like a contemporary 70s pattern won't fit.

2. Build a Portrait Wall

Another great way to pull your room together with wall decor is to create a portrait wall. Chances are that you've seen these online or in TV shows. A portrait wall is a wall (or part of one) that has framed photos in a variety of shapes and sizes.

With a portrait wall, there are two factors that affect how well it fits with your room: the frames you choose and the photos. Make sure you keep the "big picture" in mind, thinking about how the entire project will look when you're done.

There are a few different directions you can take with your portrait wall. Many homeowners do family-oriented portrait walls filled with photos of family members and friends. Another option is to take a more design-centric approach with more artistic pictures.

wall portrait decorating ideas

3. Put a Spin on a Portrait Wall

Some folks love the overall concept of a portrait wall and the idea of having several arranged pieces in various sizes clustered together. However, maybe you aren't a fan of picture frames or you haven't found the right pictures for your wall.

That's why we're seeing a growing trend of homeowners doing portrait walls with mirrors instead. You can use either mirrors in several types of frames or you can use frameless mirrors in varying sizes.

As with a more traditional portrait wall, the key to using your mirrors right is arranging them well. It may take some time to find all the varieties you want, but the end result will be worth the work.

4. Choose Art Colors Wisely

Traditional wall art is a classic way to bring your room together and create a finished, curated design. Of course, it's all about choosing the right art pieces, though.

When you're shopping for art to go in a room you've already designed, the color should be your first concern. Look for a piece that complements the existing colors in your room. Ideally, it will contain several colors you already have so that it ties the color scheme together.

If you're a true art aficionado, though, you might want to take the opposite approach. Find a piece of art you fall in love with and choose the rest of your room's design to fit that piece.

5. Don't Confuse Art with Wallpaper

One of the most common mistakes people make with wall decor is that they go overboard. They think, "If one painting makes my room look great, six of them will make it look amazing!"

Your art pieces should be accents, not backdrops. Keep them to a minimum and display your art with plenty of open space around them.

An arrangement of several art pieces can still look beautiful, but only if the pieces look like parts of a whole.

6. Make It Quotable

When most people think of wall decor, they think of pictures and images. But words can make beautiful decor pieces too.

With the right placement, a great quote on your wall can be a great way to tie a room together and bring out your personality. One way to use a quote on your wall is to arrange it with a portrait wall of family photos.

The right wording can also be a great way to decorate a child's room. So many kids' rooms have design themes like a favorite movie or sport. Some artistic wording can help you bring it all together.

If you aren't much of an artist, don't worry. Wall decals are a great way to add intricate decor like beautiful wording without requiring artistic skills.

wallpaper texture decor ideas

7. Bring In Texture

We've talked about stepping outside the wall decor box with wording, but here's another way to branch out: texture. On top of the color and design of your wall decor, you can use the texture to carry through a design concept.

For instance, let's say you want a rustic feel in your living room. Look for wall decor that has a wood-like texture or something that feels like a woven basket. For a more modern aesthetic, sleek and glossy textures will help you tie the room's design together.

Finishing Your Look with Wall Decor

For too many homeowners, wall decor is an afterthought. They don't think of it as something that can add to their room's design.

In reality, it can be the perfect way to bring your design full-circle and make the room look finished and well-appointed. These ideas can make it happen.

To find those perfect pieces for your home today, shop for wall decor in our online store.

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