Deck the Halls: 8 Fun and Festive Christmas Wall Decoration Ideas

Deck the Halls: 8 Fun and Festive Christmas Wall Decoration Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner - are you ready to get festive?

Did you know that Christmas Joy can be proven by science? Studies show that people who start decorating early are happier than those who don't.

A combination of the beautiful lights, colors, and nostalgia cause our body to have a neurological shift when the decorations are in place.

The shift will communicate to your brain that it's time to release feel-good feelings like dopamine and serotonin. When you decorate, you're literally spreading holiday cheer.

Are you ready to transform your house into a happy holiday home? Read on to learn about our fun Christmas wall decoration ideas!

Christmas wall decor wreath ideas

Elegant Christmas Art with Square Wreaths

If you want a modern and classic look, try using unconventional wreaths. You'll still use the traditional gold, green, and red colors, but instead of circular shapes, try using square wreaths.

To add even more flair try decorating the wreaths with different types of pretending green colored fruit.

Christmas Wall Decoration Ideas

Stockings are another traditional Christmas classic. This year you can personalize the stockings with Christmas tags. If you don't have a mantel, you can still use any type of ledge or staircase to help your display.

The Christmas tags on the stockings won't stand out if the nails are too large. Make sure you use small, barely noticeable nails instead of large stocking hangers

Decorate Every Wall

Another fun idea is to decorate areas you'd normally leave bare. You can start with your kitchen by adding small Christmas touches. Looking at your kitchen walls, pick a few safe places to hang ornaments from.

Next, place a garland around cabinet handles or safely around the sink. Of course, you have to be careful to avoid any potential Christmas decoration fires. One of the safest ways to decorate your kitchen walls will be with wall stickers and decals.

When you finish in the kitchen, you can add some festivity to your bathroom area. Placing a peppermint candle in your restroom area, along with a few ornaments, will do the trick.

You can be creative as you decorate every room's walls. Take your time as your transform every room into a winter wonderland. You don't have to decorate too much in each space.

Continue to visit every room of your house by adding a little bit of Christmas festivity to the walls, shelves, and countertops. When you're done, you'll be able to enjoy Christmas in every part of your home.

Christmas fireplace decor ideas

Fireplace Wall Decor for Christmas

If your home doesn't have a fireplace, you can make one! Creating you're own pretend mantel and fireplace are easy.

For this project you'll need the following supplies:

  • Canvas drop cloth
  • Black chalkboard paint
  • Paint roller
  • Primer
  • Chalk
  • Thin curtain rod
  • Ironing board
  • Iron on tape
  • Scissors

First, you'll use the iron to get any wrinkles out of the drop cloth. Next, you'll have to create a place for the curtain rod to go. Place the drop cloth on a flat surface and fold the top down half an inch.

Then grab your iron on tape and use the iron to seal the fold. Wait just a moment before inserting the rod through the pocket. Most rods will have detachable end pieces to keep them from slipping out.

If your rod has any type of final, you can put it back on now. Now you can apply the primer to the front of the canvas cloth. The primer will help prepare porous canvas cloth for the chalk paint. Leave half an inch unpainted around the edges.

The unpainted areas will help create the border for your fireplace. When the primer is dry, you can add the chalkboard paint. Make sure you still leave half an inch unpainted around the borders.

Once the chalkboard paint is dry, you can draw on a silhouette of a mantel. It can help to have a picture of what you want the mantel to look like.

When you're done drawing the mantel, you can outline the logs in the fireplace. Next, you'll add flames coming up from the log pieces. Now all you need to do is hang up your masterpiece!

Bedazzle Your Garlands

Garlands are wonderful tools for Christmas wall decoration ideas. You can transform any ordinary garland into an expression of your personality. If you love the beach, consider adorning your garlands with seashells and starfish.

You and your guests will love the feeling of having Christmas in July. All you have to do is drill a tiny hold in each sand dollar and starfish. Then you'll want to gently string the sand dollars and starfish along a piece of twine.

When you're done, you can use superglue to attach the seashells wherever you want to the twine. You'll then use the twine and carefully attach it to your already hanging garland.

You can use the premise of this idea to decorate your garlands in other ways too. Try attaching fake fruit, pretend candy, or even ornaments to make your garland really stand out.

Merry Wall Art

You can decorate your traditional artwork to match the holiday season. All you'll need are a few smaller garlands. Next, you'll want to weave a string of lights through the garland.

Depending on the type of art you have, you can color coordinate the lighting. For example, if you have an abstract piece of art, you might try using multicolor lights. Once you have the lights in the garland you can frame the artwork.

You could either have the garland encircle the artwork or lay across the top.

Christmas fireplace mantle decoration ideas

Have Fun Decorating

We hope you had fun reading our Christmas wall decoration ideas!

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