5 Spooktacular Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Home

5 Spooktacular Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Halloween is near! Bring the holiday spirit into your home with these 5 awesome and easy Halloween decorating ideas! Who says Christmas is the greatest time of the year? If you'd prefer goblins and ghouls over gingerbread and garland, you're probably already deep into the Halloween spirit.

Of course, part of the fun is thinking of costumes and Halloween decorating ideas. People get so into creating the ultimate candy-giving haunted house that the average person spends upwards of $180 on Halloween!

Do you want to know how you can take your Halloween decor to the next level? Keep reading for our top 5 spooktacular ideas.

1. Create a Crime Scene

What's scarier than a crime scene in your very own home?

For a bloody murder scene on your porch, use tape to outline someone's body on the ground and place orange warning tape over your door. Find washable fake blood, and splatter it on your porch for the final touch.

If you'd rather go for a recently uncovered ritual sacrifice, place DIY bleeding candles and skull props on your mantle and wrap some of the same orange warning tape around it.

2. Fill Your Walls

As you browse through Halloween decor, you'll probably notice most of them are props that need to be placed on shelves or tables. While these look great, you can only get so many before you home looks cluttered.

The best way to continue to decorate once your shelf space is filled is to go with wall decals. Opting for 3D flying black bats can create more dimension for a creepier look.

hallowenn diy wall decor decorations ideas

3. Use Lights for a Spooky Movie Night

What better way to celebrate Halloween then having a horror movie marathon? Of course, you'll want the right atmosphere for this.

String lights and candles are great ways to keep your living room dark enough for your spooky movie while offering enough light so you can see your snacks and drinks. But, why go for any old lighting solution?

Consider using LED Pumpkin string lights, jack-o-lanterns, or Halloween candle holders to add a spooky element to your lights.

4. Decorate Your Porch

The porch is one of the most important elements to decorate. It gives your guests a first look at the Halloween horrors that await them inside your house.

Fill your porch up with some crows and hay bales. Set pumpkins or jack-o'-lanterns on top of the hay and set up a creepy scarecrow in the corner. Finish off by placing a Halloween wreath on the door and a creepy mat on the floor.

hallowenn diy porch decorations ideas

5. Don't Forget Your Yard

If you really want to draw those trick-or-treaters to your house, you'll want to take your Halloween decor to the next level by decorating your yard. The best way to create a cohesive yard is by coming up with a theme.

Use gravestones and skeletons to create a graveyard theme. Or use spiders and cobwebs for a creepy spider-infested yard. Of course, you'll also want to use some lights and music to set the tone.

hallowenn diy yard decorations ideas

The Creepiest Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is quickly approaching, so now is the perfect time to start shopping for decorations. Just follow our guide to the creepiest Halloween decorating ideas to create a haunted house fit for nightmares.

Do you want more ideas? Check out our seasonal decorations for inspiration.

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